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Tony Cerbo’s latest creation, “Kissing a Fool,” is still in post-production.  His goal was to be as organic as possible so that one could feel the pure emotion of his vocal and not have the "Mastered" studio quality sound. He recorded and produced every aspect of this production, from cameraman to performer in his own in-home studio. He comments, “I wanted my listeners to hear the raw natural sound of a hot mic, vocals bouncing around the tile floor and hard walls, along with the hiss and air sound in some of the songs.  I wanted to replicate sounds like you heard when listening to an old record or cassette tape.  I wanted to bring you into my music, not the music of a padded recording room.” 

Below, for a limited time, Tony is releasing a track video entitled, “Kissing a Fool.”  He adds, “I am very proud of this endeavor. It was a challenge, and I truly hope that you enjoy it.”

Title Track "Kissing A Fool". Here for a LIMITED TIME till the full project release! Enjoy! *unlisted on youtube serch.*