Congratulations, you have decided to add Tony Cerbo to your special event. At this point, Tony Cerbo or someone who represents  him, Has emailed you a "Booking Contract" with Tony Cerbo's Signature.  On this contract, it lists several items such as dates, times, venues and price in which both parties have agreed to. It also lists a deposit line. A deposit is required to secure the dates and times that you have agreed to. in other words after receiving the deposit and signed contract, Tony Cerbo can NOT offer his services to anyone else in the time frame and dates listed on your contract. This deposit is nonrefundable if you, the client decide to cancel the event. The deposit amount is also deducted from the total amount agreed upon and you, the client, will owe the balance BEFORE THE START of performance. The deposit is due upon receiving the contract via email. Tony Cerbo Entertainment has made it easier by making this payment with your Paypal account,  credit or debit card. Below is a safe and secure way of doing so. Find the deposit amount on your contract and match it with the payment options below.  Once this is done, Please send back your signed contract via email or regular mail with address given.  Thank you. **WHEN PAYING WITH CREDIT CARD, A 5% CHARGE IS ADDED FOR FEES. THIS CHARGE IS NOT SUBTRACTED FROM THE TOTAL AMOUNT DUE.** 

Please find the amount of deposit due on contract
list last name on contract