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Music is the heartbeat by which human beings come alive enriching the body and the mind. Entertainment is often the focal point in social scenarios.  Walking into any venue, soloist Tony Cerbo creates feelings of calmness, relaxation, and positive energy.  Whether you own a restaurant or are having a party/celebrating a special day, Tony Cerbo is the performer whose naturalness will entice your guests making the event one to remember. Flipping the pages of the Great American Songbook in the style of Michael Bublé as well as many other artists, including that of rock and roll and dance music, embellishes your venue and/or festive event. . If you have any questions about booking Tony Cerbo for your function, please click on the Contact button on the top of ANY page within this website.

Lounges & Restaurants


For the past five years, every Friday night Tony Cerbo has performed in the lounge at the nationally renowned Capital Grille in the heart of Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Tony's time there is the longest run for a primetime performer in the Providence Downtown area. His audiences never fail to comment how his singing adds ambiance. People who are normally coming in for "a drink" often stay for two. Others come to listen to him and enjoy a cocktail prior to their dinner reservation, while some return to the lounge to have a nightcap. And, there are those who want to enjoy his music while having their entire dinner. In any situation, adding and advertising Tony Cerbo at your venue will be an asset to your establishment. To book Tony Cerbo, click on the Contact button at the top of ANY page within this website. 

Private Events


Holding a corporate event, celebrating a birthday, a holiday, or any other kind of occasion? Book Tony Cerbo for his amazing musical variety, superb talent, and the way to be assured of planning a truly memorable event! Whether in a ballroom of 1000 people or in your home or a cozy venue, no party is too large or too small for Tony Cerbo’s intimate, entertaining singing style. In the past six years, Tony has built a large clientele of repeat customers some of which include Geico Insurance, The Day-O-Lite Company, Providence College and numerous others. Tony Cerbo’s level of professionalism along with his ability to sing and perform will warm the hearts of audiences of all ages. To book Tony Cerbo for your next event, please click on the Contact button at the top of any page within this website.


A wedding is the MOST important day in the life of a bride and groom. Couples spend months, even years planning their event. Tony Cerbo works with you EVERY step of the way from the wedding party introductions to your specific playlist, always providing guidance as you proceed through the steps to make your day.... the VERY BEST! Whether you desire Tony Cerbo to sing at your cocktail hour or perform throughout your reception, set up an appointment to meet with him and it will become clear why he has been a part of hundreds of weddings from New York to Boston. Simply click on the Contact button at the top of any page within this website. Take a moment to view some of the packages offered below. If you don't see your dream package, it will be a pleasure to customize one just for you!




1. Cocktail Hour - Tony Cerbo sings during your cocktail hour  - a great way to warmly welcome your guests!


2. Cocktail hour + Dinner Hour - Tony Cerbo sings during the cocktail hour, then moves into the ballroom and performs while dinner is being served.  This is very effective if a live band is also included at your reception in that Tony continues to perform while the band is on breaks.

3. Cocktail hour + formal songs - Tony Cerbo sings during the cocktail hour plus sings all the formal songs: first dance, father/ bride dance, mother/groom dance, and the last dance.

4. Live Singer/DJ combo - Get the best of both  - a live performance and a DJ. Tony Cerbo performs at the cocktail hour, dinner hour and during the formal dances.  The DJ then assumes his role, playing all your favorite dance hits!


5. Whole Wedding - Looking for a more relaxed, formal wedding with a hint of dance? Book Tony Cerbo for the entire wedding and he will keep it relaxed with just the right amount of dancing as the evening progresses.

Dinner Shows

Does your restaurant have a banquet room? Is business minimal on a specific night of the week? Dinner shows are perfect to attract your diners to enjoy a special "Night Out."  Tony Cerbo has been performing at Dinner Shows for the last six years with great success. "Tony Cerbo is Home For Christmas Dinner Show" has sold out each year and has accrued rave reviews! His romantic Valentine dinner shows are always memorable, creating an emphatically sentimental evening for all. Book Tony Cerbo for a dinner show by clicking on the Contact button at the top of any page within this website.

Sinatra Meets Buble

“Sinatra Meets Bublé” is a novel cabaret style show for audiences to get the best of both eras. It attracts both younger and older crowds to venues. When two amazingly talented singers join together, there is no doubt that Sinatra and Bublé lovers will relish the evening. Eighty minutes of “Sinatra” and “Bublé” music along with show business “schtick” woven throughout keeps the audience recalling memories, laughing, and smiling. Book this event at your venue by clicking on the Contact button at the top of any page within this website.