For "Love" Of The Game

This past Friday we all Celebrated Valentines Day. Though usually I am delighted to be performing in the lounge at The Capital Grille, this evening found me in the heart of the charming Pawtuxet Village's perfect Italian restaurant "Basta". The tables were full, the wine was flowing and when the clock struck 8:30 the lights were dimmed and the first music note hit the air!  Though I am known to sing what my fellow crooners call the over commercialized Michael Buble', I started the night with one of my all time favorite romance songs "Fly Me To The Moon" by Fellow Blue eyed "chairman of the board" Frank Sinatra. Then of course I performed many songs in the style of the "over commercialized" Multi grammy award winning Michael Buble'.

Of course singing is my passion, but I must say this night i was delighted to visit tables on my breaks and talk to fans and friends (lets not forget the photos taken and the vino shared). I find reaching out to your fan base keeps you in touch and shows a human side of the performance. they tell you how there kids are and so on. I do admit I have an issue with remembering names, something I'm working to improve. But a face I never forget.

As I stand there and sing, I always scan the room. my greatest accomplishment I feel is as i look over the audience I see this amazing community of people that united over the last 6 years of performing. People who would have never met now break bread together on a normal bases. That reason alone is worth ALL the BS that goes along with being a performer in a very small hungry market in RI.

Anyways there were some downfalls to the night... as with any restaurant trying to fit 300 people into 200 seats there will be some hickups. one of which was not being able to get a table.  But there are always other shows to attend. (sorry haters but Tony Cerbo isn't going anywhere). We are going to redo Valentines Day ALL OVER AGAIN at Johna's Restaurant on Wednesday 2/26/14. This deal is amazing,, 40 bucks per person gets you 3 courses of amazing food, tax,tip and show.. Check out my events tab for more information..

In closing.... 6 years ago I promised myself and you the fans, that i'd dedicate my life to the arts and entertainment. To bring a product in the market that was different and unique to what was already out there. To gave the same performance for 1 person or 500 people in the room, respect other performers and not feed into there self egos, be loyal to my fans and clients ,choose self respect over money and mostly never give up no matter how tough times can get. 6 years later I admit that this business is more bi-polor then I had ever imagined and I have stumbled more then i have wanted to. But I am still standing. PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT.